Our mission is to make our community stronger by investing in families & developing leaders.


We believe that all people have value and possess gifts and talents that can be used to create positive change. Bridging For Tomorrow wants to move beyond providing relief to those in need, toward rehabilitation and community-led development. That is why we focus on building healthy relationships that foster a sense of empowerment among members of the community. We hope to serve as a catalyst, helping the community to flourish from the inside out.



Relief is temporary aid to reduce the immediate suffering experienced by someone who is unable to help themselves due to a crisis.


Rehabilitation occurs when individuals are meaningfully included in the process of their own poverty alleviation.


Development occurs when individuals are safe and secure enough to provide for their own needs and are then able to support others and bring positive change to their community.

Bridging For Tomorrow is an incredible blessing to our community and our church. It has been such a joy for me to see lives changed in our church and in our neighborhood through our partnership. Not only have we discovered incredible opportunities to share God’s love with others, we have grown in our love for our neighbors by partnering with this organization that cares so deeply for the good of our community and works to make it stronger.
— Rev. David Chambers, Community Partner


  • BFT celebrates, respects, and includes all people, cultures, regions, religions, and political views.

  • BFT is committed to careful stewardship of all human, natural, and financial resources.

  • BFT endorses the highest level of ethical standards and quality services and seeks to adhere to them through every action BFT takes in our daily work.

  • BFT believes in life and is a pro-life organization.



In 2010, a group from Faithbridge learned that many students at a local Title I school were going without enough to eat during  the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring Breaks. To meet this need, Faithbridge provided supplemental groceries for these students and their families. Though no one knew it at the time, this was the beginning of our organization's call to walk side by side with our neighbors and work together to make our community stronger.

Bridging For Tomorrow was formally established as a nonprofit organization in Northwest Houston in 2013. We partner with local schools, churches, organizations, and community members to establish programs that will strengthen our community by investing in families and developing leaders.