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Fighting Food Insecurity In Our Neighborhood

Jessie Chambers


Kris Penniall has been volunteering with Bridging For Tomorrow since 2013. After serving at several special events and delivering countless bags of groceries and shoes to local schools, we discovered that Kris’ real passion is making sure that all people have enough to eat. In her words, “I am always disturbed when I read statistics about how food insecure people are in big cities like Houston or suburbs like Spring and the Woodlands. It just infuriates me. So I know whenever there’s a call to do something and food is involved, I’m going to go down that path.” 

Kris now serves as an Assistant in our Food Pantry where she keeps things organized, assists clients while they shop, and most importantly makes people feel loved. Unlike other pantries where people are forced to stand in line and then get in and out as quickly as possible, ours is a place where relationships are formed. When a member of the community visits the Food Pantry, they are welcomed by a Pantry Assistant like Kris. She spends time talking with them, listening to stories about their families, and making each of them feel like a welcomed guest.

What Kris enjoys most about her work is knowing that people are being fed. She says that the thing that makes Bridging For Tomorrow’s Food Pantry different is the level of community you experience there. When someone leaves our pantry, they walk away with food to nourish their bodies as well as their souls. Her experience has taught her how to be more compassionate, how to recognize when someone needs to talk and when someone doesn’t. She’s also seen firsthand how difficult it can be for someone who is food insecure to ask for help. Many people feel so ashamed that they can’t make it on their own, they choose to suffer silently rather than ask for help. Kris reminds clients who visit the Food Pantry that reaching out is important because we aren't meant to do it all on our own. She believes that if you help someone when they need it and treat them with dignity, they will feel empowered to do the same for others when they are able.

There’s so much starvation and food insecurity due to poverty in our area. If we don’t have people and organizations helping on a grass roots level, nothing will ever change. Something that I think about all the time is that we are all humans; that’s what binds us together. God made us all in his likeness. And when we all work together, great things happen.
— Kris Penniall, Community Builder

Meet Our Newest Staff Member, Joe Yagelski

Jessie Chambers


Joe Yagelski is joining the Bridging For Tomorrow team as our new Community Liaison. He will work closely with families in development by helping them assess their strengths, connecting them with the appropriate resources, and supporting them as they work to achieve their goals. Joe has served faithfully as a mentor for the last five years and is passionate about helping young people see their value and developing leaders.

Joe grew up in Miami and moved to Houston in 2004. He is married to Kelsey, and together they have 4 young children. In his free time, he loves being outside, spending time with his family, and cheering for the Miami Dolphins. After some experience growing up in a low-income community, Joe is looking forward to this new opportunity to work closely with our neighbors and invest in their lives. He believes that God can use anyone and, no matter how broken they may seem, God can transform their lives and use them to accomplish great things. We are excited to have Joe join our team!

Let Us Not Become Weary

Jessie Chambers

I have experienced three hurricanes, many tropical storms, and very hot summers, but nothing like Harvey. For a city where the weather is unpredictable, this hurricane was a major test. Nothing could prepare us for this event. What we see in the news is just the beginning of a long journey to recovery.

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